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Auto Surf Traffic Exchanges – Is It Just Bot Traffic Or Real Humans?

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Well This is the million dollar question and one I’ve been hanging to answer. Are Auto Surf Traffic Exchange Members Just Bots Or Are They Real Humans?

The answer is 100% of users on auto surf traffic exchanges are real verified users and no bots. But this questions opens the door to another question what type of people are using auto surfs.

And that will open the door for another important question what should you be promoting to the people that use auto surfs.

While sadly I wont be able to cover everything in this post, mainly because I like this title and well that will involve changing it lol. No really, what to promote in a Auto Surf will be well over 1500 words alone and I know you all have not got time for that.

So this will be a 2 part post, this post will cover the types of members you could expect to find using an auto surf, and a few key points about Auto surf traffic exchanges that actually make them not as useless or “bot like” as many people say they are.

Important Auto Surf Traffic Exchange Talking Points

So before I go into the types of people that use auto surfs I think it’s important we take a moment to discuss a few points of interest with an auto surf that actually could make them better than manual surfs or at least on par with them.

  1. While surfing in an auto surf, you can not close the browser as the surfbar will eventually pause/stall out due to inactivity. (People often think this is not the case)
  2. Every Account Created needs to be a unique IP and has to be email verified. Accounts need to login regularly or accounts become inactive and can only be reactivated by admin. This takes care of about 99% of bots and spam accounts. The other 1% get caught in the Capture spam Trap.
  3. Unless your internet is amazing and your computer too you will struggle to surf more than 5 to 10 auto surfs at one time and all of the windows need to be open. (unlike a manual surf where you can surf over 100 exchanges at one time across multiple browsers if you where really going al out)
  4. Autosurfs generally have prizes of credits, points, and cash within the surfbar and these rewards are high enough that people actually watch the pages in order to collect them.

And of course these are just but a few talking points; I’m happy to continue the conversation down in the comments. give me your thoughts on autosurf traffic exchanges.

Types Of People That Use Auto Surf Traffic Exchanges

It’s hard summing up people, mainly it’s personal for me I’m not a fan of putting people into baskets or mould sometimes one size does not fit all.

however, generally here’s what I’m seeing in the data.

  • Over 50’s
  • Disabled ( Arthritis or other conditions that make clicking a lot painful or frustrating.)
  • 1 Employee Businesses That Have To Spread Themselves thin to get things done.
  • New Website Owners
  • New Affiliate Marketers
  • Opportunity Seekers
  • Advertising Opportunity Seekers
  • Students
  • Content Creators & Streamers (Frameless Auto Surfs)

Now more often than not the same groups of people that use auto surfs are the same that use manual surfs but I believe you get slightly more elderly and possibly disabled clients that either have vision or pain issues. ( Read this article on manual surfs )

Auto surfs are a set and watch sort of thing, me personally I open and my fav auto surf I then put the auto surf on one screen and the videos on the other and I watch both.

Auto Surfs Vs Manual Surfs What Sends The Better Traffic?

Truthfully these days they both offer similar traffic quality, manual surfs with fast surf timers and loads of surf comps and features like team surfing and chat all distract the surfer and or encourage fast surfing to win comps or events.

I’d say arguably auto surfs may even deliver better quality because you know when someone clicks from an auto surf they really wanted to see that website lol.

But it all depends on your offer and how it’s delivered. somethings just perform better in auto surfs and vice versa.


I’ll go into great detail about some of the types of offers and the way in which you should deliver the offer to auto surf exchange members in my next post. I feel this post will be too long otherwise.

To Be Continued In Part 2…..

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