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Bitcoin Mining For Dummies, One Browser Solves All Your Newbie Bitcoin Headaches [With Payment Proof]

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A few months ago I was in this position where I was trying to wrap my head around bitcoin and all the possibilities, greeted with either outdated info or super high tech talk that was way above my head.

While I inevitably took the long way round, to understand just the basics of bitcoin. The good news is you don’t have to, why?

What’s Changed The Game Of Bitcoin Mining For The Rest Of Us?

CryptoTab Browser – Has totally changed the game as we know it when it comes to bitcoin mining for people like me and you.

Bitcoin mining has never been easier.

Every day we load up our browser of choice, chrome, IE, Firefox, & opera just to name a few. Log in to our social accounts, search the web answer emails. Normally besides the headache of having to deal with mundane tasks, we get nothing for our efforts.

Now with CryptoTab Browser That all changes.

CryptoTab Browser Empowers people like me and you with the tools to be able to turn our day to day internet time into bitcoins.

No Skills Required. ( 1. 2. 3. Easy not even kidding )

Just download the CryptoTab Browser and install it onto your computer.

Register your account login and make it your default browser. Done.

Now when ever you need to use the web use that browser.

Every search, the more social you are, the more time you spend on emails, everything earns you bitcoins Because the browser is mining for you the whole time.

CryptoTab Browser Also allows you to build a network of people who collectively mine for you. for example if you join under me by registering your account here -> CryptoTab Browser

You will join my network and we will be generating even more bitcoins.

While I’m not going to sit here and say I completely understand bitcoin. I can tell you CryptoTab Browser has everything you need to find out how to become very knowledgeable in bitcoin in a very short time.

I’m learning every day, and CryptoTab Browser is helping me do it. I’m also earning bitcoin via mining, shortening links like this one -> These links show ads before you visit the site I want you to go to. Good for sharing links with friends and in blog posts.

I’m also earning by referring people and it’s a win-win for us both; because YOU join my network. It’s a good network 🙂

What about Payment Proofs Randell

Here’s My Second Payment.

Why not check it out some more. If you are like I was with bitcoin, I can tell you it’s not that hard and Cryptotab Will help you. just click this link and sign up and see what they have to sayJoin CryptoTab Browser

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