Contests On Auto & Manual Surfs (Being Fixed)

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Well It should come as no surprise that i do not like writing these types of posts, but i think transparency and keeping my members up to date with known site issues is super important.

As many of you may already know my manual and auto traffic exchange contests are currently broken and have been for months.

These contests i set to end back in October November last year 2021 and well they still haven’t ended at the time of writing this and its 20/04/2022.

I wanted to write this post to reassure members this error has not evaded me, and I’m fully aware of this issue.

So Randell What Are You Doing About It Though?

Well i have reached out to the lead developer over at Traffic Exchange Scripts, but due to the recent banner exchange script upgrade and and other technical upgrades being released for all TES scripts it’s been quite difficult to get the time to fix this issue.

I have been assured that this issue has been put on a priority list and will be addressed sometime over the coming days.

I will write another post when this issue has been completely fixed.

Keep in mind all my traffic exchanges will be getting updated within the next year Fingers crossed, autosurfs with become frameless and a load of new features will be released for manual and auto surfs.

Things are happening in the background, and while i don’t always have time to write about everything im always here working on things.

Coding is not easy and if you want a good product and service that works flawlessly you can’t rush it perfection takes time. Please bare with me as i address this current contest issue and work closely with TES to bring you these new features.

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