Free Banner Exchange Advertising – Powerful or Pitiful, Here’s An Insiders POV.

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G’day today i’m going to talk about Free Banner Exchange Advertising is it powerful or pitiful. Should you be using Banner Exchanges and other free advertising? why In my opinion it could be better than traditional traffic exchanges? why banner exchange advertising will possibly out last the traditional Traffic exchange? and Traffic Quality!

Before i start a little disclaimer, I own a banner exchange, 2 auto surfs and 2 manual surfs. I have a pretty good idea based on facts and stats gathered from my own exchanges. While my results may not be the same in every other traffic exchanges case i have tried to be as transparent as possible.

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What Is A Banner Exchange

A very simple way to explain what a banner exchange is, Is this!

“I will show your ads on my site in exchange for getting to show my ads on your site.”

However, a banner exchange does this on a whole other level.

instead of swapping banners with one site and having your ads display on that site, a banner exchange allows you to deal with one site and have your ads display on thousands of websites, blogs, and internet pages.

Think of google AdSense or YouTube Ads but FREE! With no sensitive data gathering, just simple IP checking to confirm a visit was made so a member can be credited for the view.

How to Earn Advertising Credits At A Banner Exchange?

It’s so easy to earn credits in a banner exchange, you either take the exchange code provided and you place this code, somewhere within opening and closing body tags of your websites code.

You can also use pop up and pop under credit generators some banner exchanges offer this. IE: and bannieres a gogo

Splash pages are a great way to generate credits lots of banner exchanges offer credit generating splash pages and pay you in banner exchange advertising credits for sharing your splash page with other people.

Another option is taking the raw image data provided by the exchange and using normal links if your not familiar with Code.

Last but not least lets say your promoting an affiliate product and cant add code to the page because you dont control the landing page. in this case you can compete in comps for points cash or credits or you can buy credits using real money.

Who Is A Banner Exchange For?

A banner exchange is for: website owners, bloggers, designers, social media marketers, marketers, affiliates, developers, make money from home seekers, opportunity seekers, charities, crypto currencies, news sites, YouTubers, Influencers and pretty much anyone that needs some one to look at something that exists online.

Why Could Banner Exchanges Outperform Traffic Exchanges?

This is a question I’ve thought about a lot in fact the next few questions below are things that prob didn’t need to be in this post but i think it’s important for people to think about.

Traffic exchanges have been on the decline for years, they have become a place to promote other traffic exchanges in lots of cases. Loads of traffic exchanges these days focus on gimmicks and games. They really try to make things fun to keep people surfing but now we basically have manual surfs that generate the traffic quality of an auto surf or manual surfs that generate no traffic at all 🙁

With this said they do still serve a purpose, and I explain that in this post if your unsure of what that is. I’m not going to bash Traffic Exchanges in this post because they are powerful free advertising tools if used perfectly, fail to put the right ad in front of people and it’s going to be a total waste of your time. I digress!

There are specific ways to use them to make money, and funnel the traffic to where you really want it to go again this is for another post.

How to Use Manual Traffic Exchanges For Maximum Return Of Time & Investment

The main short coming of a traffic exchange compared to banner exchange is that a Traffic Exchange serves a member a random assortment of advertisements even GEO targeting doesn’t help this. and while banner exchanges do something similar the credits on a banner exchange are far less time consuming to acquire. And of course

Members are made to view ads for credits.

There is no way around this. You will get the same person, not just viewing your ad multiple times on one exchange, But also that same person might view the ad multiple times other exchanges as well.

This is not to mention the effects of team surfing, power surf, surf timer decreases, and all the other stuff admins do to make members happy. This always leads to lower quality views for members.

Where a Banner Exchange differs is members are not required to click anything. they are required to put code on their website and that’s it.

Let me paint you a word picture.

You have the perfect landing page. However, it requires people to stop read and pay attention, You have a good story to tell, You have a vision and a message.

here’s where a banner exchange shines,

You use the banner exchange, You add some really good banner images that explain your message or really capture peoples attention.

someone likes your ad and is interested (They get nothing for clicking your ad! that doesnt matter they want to know more, because your ad got their attention)

They land on your landing page and read everything you have to say because you already had their attention when they saw your banner.

This is why in the long run Banner Exchanges will always outperform Traffic Exchanges when it comes to quality organic traffic. Arguably less traffic will flow to your site but the traffic will be of a much higher quality.

This is just one example but i have others. Leave a comment if you want to know what else i think about this.

Why Banner Exchange Advertising Will Possibly Out Last The Traditional Traffic Exchange?

People thats my answer, eventually Traffic exchanges will struggle to get more members, the internet changes and the negative comments grow yearly.

Also we need to consider the tech side of things, Frames are being phased out by browsers. Thats why we see more and more auto surfs switching to frame-less surfing (this is the only cure) something manual surfs will not be able to do 🙁 otherwise they will just become Paid to click sites with less benefits.

Things change so fast and we have to face it, try explain to a professional about traffic exchange advertising.

However, on the flip side. Banner Exchanges are inline with Google and its own advertising service. They generate organic traffic that converts. It’s easy to explain to a professional that already uses Adsense, Facebook Ads, YouTube Ads, Insta Ads how powerful a banner exchange is.

This one reason alone is why i’m banking on banner exchanges outlasting traffic exchanges.

Traffic Quality Whats Really Better?

I think both if used correctly can garner good results, but the average person, will get longer lasting higher converting results for going all in on banner exchanges.

This is just my opinion. this whole post is just my opinion 🙂

I have no dog in the fight in fact like i mentioned above i own a banner exchange 2 manual surfs and 2 auto surf traffic exchanges and i plan to make them all successful.

But from what i’m seeing My Banner exchange is winning, it generates the most clicks, the highest engagement, the most regular active loyal member base & highest response to ads and site contests.

People are generally just more engaged with banner exchanges and its probably has something to do with the fact people engage with visual content much more. the placement of ads is very important as well and banners have a way of landing in face.

This all leads to much higher traffic quality over the long run.

Should You Be Using Banner Exchanges In 2022?

Their is no reason in 2022 why you should not be using at least 3 banner exchanges. they don’t hurt your websites SEO and they deliver consistent drip feed organic highly motivated targeted traffic.

If your not using banner exchanges even just one, doing some testing – Your leaving some of the best free quality traffic you will find online, on the table. Don’t be that Guy/Gal.


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