Funneled Affiliate Traffic Coop Gets A Facelift And Goes HTTPS.

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G’day today i have some manual surf updates going on over at Funneled Affiliate. Funneled affiliate Manual Traffic Exchange Coop is moving to HTTPS.

So whats changing?

Newly submitted sites will also need to be HTTPS. if not they will be rejected and suspended. this is not done lightly it’s to save you wasting your credits as HTTP/unsecure sites will no longer show in FATE SURF.

There has been a load of upgrades done to funneled affiliate this last week, have a good look around the site and see the new layout, upgrades and credit packages.

Notice the new increased credit reward for splash page views and the same goes for the coop. Both now will work in HTTPS exchanges and should not get suspended anymore.

Admin Duties 🙂

I’m going to be reviewing each site a little more closely, because i’ve had a few slip through that have been surf stoppers.

Some Co-Op Housekeeping

It’s probably a good time for me to mention, Your submitted websites with credits allocated to them will automatically be submitted to the coop. This means, your sites will be judged a little more stricter than normal. Because your sites are now show in other TE’s im going to have to follow by their rules a little but more when it comes to what sites are allowed.

This is to stop our coop being suspended in other exchanges, i ask kindly everyone check your ads and make sure they are traffic exchange safe.

I’ll be updating the terms in the next few hours to reflect this change.

New Plan Going Forward

As some will notice funneled affiliate has been rather slow over the last few weeks, i never wanted to create a traffic exchange where members surfed 5000 pages everyday. i wanted something a little more drip feed and a more in my mind quality visit generator.

When i started funneled affiliate i was thinking of a great site, that only last year went offline it was called 50ADayGetsYouPaid, i wanted people to surf about 50 to 100 pages each a day and get enough bonuses to want to keep coming back.

However, this has not really worked out for the exchange so im changing many dynamics and settings so the exchange can have a new lease on life.

  • I lowered the surf Timer to 8 Seconds
  • I increased the Coop Reward to 2 Credits (At Time Of Writing This)
  • I’ve increased the Splash Page Reward To 1.5 Credits
  • Your Going To Get a 1:1 Ratio still
  • I’ve increased the surf bar bonuses by over 200%
  • New members now get 1000 credits for joining
  • You now get 0.05c for every referral that fully activates
  • You now get 1000 credits for every referral that fully activates.
  • Credit packages & Upgrades have changed and been reduced.
  • Contests are fixed and working find got a bunch running right now.
  • Splash page got an edit.
  • New banner images coming
  • New Theme done and a even better one coming (2022 – 2023)
  • Setting up special pages to rotate within the site but also in coop that will have members banners showing, going to really focus on showing your banners off more, i know some of you got loads of banner credits.

Overall there will be a different vibe for the rest of the year. Funneled Affiliate explains me and probably many of you too. Funneled through every sales funnel ever created and your probably sick and tired of it.

Lets together make funneled affiliate something great! A reliable traffic and income source for all affiliates.

The last funnel you will ever need to enter.

Have a great day and if your not a funneled affiliate member check us out here

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