G’day mates, Here’s what I’ve been up to

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G’day mates, thought I would do a post updating everyone about what I have been doing, after all this is a blog about me lol.

So as you can kinda see from the image –I’m in the caravan, In fact the wife and I packed up everything and are traveling south Australia full time for the next few months.

Its a really good opportunity with our baby daughter only being 2 years old kinda the perfect age to enjoy the country.

If you didn’t know I recently renovated an old caravan and it has turned out mint! Was on a shoe string budget.

With the move and the nomad life we have opted to live off 100% solar, and my main devices are tablet and mobile. I pack my computer’s away to storage with a truck load of other possessions. I mention this because This has limited my ability to build new things and to be truthful it’s kinda a relief. I feel I have way more time to focus on the things I already have created.

Primitive but true freedom and what it looks like to live the internet lifestyle

Besides, this is one huge benefit to working online. you can take your work anywhere you want! Mobile data is more than enough to do almost everything online these days.

Anyway this was just a little update. Felt important enough to talk about, it’s a huge shift in my life and the beginning of one great adventure. Thanks for being apart of it mates.

Ooo roo.

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