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G’day Mate It’s Nice To Finally Meet You!

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G’day and welcome to IM Randell. It’s great you stopped by this is the first post on the blog so i guess i should tell you what this site is all about.

IM Randell stands for 2 things:

  1. I’m actually Randell 🙂
  2. (I)nternet (M)arketing

IM Randell is the center of my online business. It’s also the main support center for all support requests from all my sites. I have added Hesk support desk software to better support our many sites members in a central location.

You can submit a support ticket anytime if you have any issues or further inquiries about anything on our website. > Submit support ticket

It’s important to brand myself especially in my industry

Im The Real Randell Monaghan
I’m The Real Randell Monaghan

I also wanted to better brand myself and share my life so people know im a real person trying to making a living just like everyone else.

So I’ll post about my life my family my online businesses and a nice even balance of everything in between. this will include a lot of great posts quotes and cool stuff. I’ll log this mainly for me but it’s nice to have for customers and members to know im active im alive and still a good guy that pays on time.

I Do hope you enjoy the blog it’s always good feeling when you add something wholesome & real that is received well on the internet.

Have a great day and god bless.

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