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How To Use A Manual Traffic Exchange For Maximum Effect!

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How do you use a traffic exchange for maximum return of your time and or money. It’s no secret that traffic exchanges get a bad rap and this is because people more often than not are promoting the wrong thing in them. It’s funny you know, lots of people complain that traffic exchanges only send you traffic from people that have a website and or are looking for advertising. People say things like the traffic is not targeted, I only get people looking to promote their own website. I laugh at these gripes.

The truth is traffic exchanges are so targeted it’s not even funny. You have a few types of people that id say fit into majority groups. In this this post I’m going to explain these types of people and the best way to get their attention.

Types Of People That Use Traffic Exchanges

There are a number of types of people that use traffic exchanges and some of these people fall into multiple groups but I find the most common groups are these.

  • Opportunity Seekers
  • Work From Home Information Seekers
  • Networkers
  • List Builders
  • Affiliates
  • Newbies To Online world IE: blogging, websites, content creation
  • Low Income Earners

As you can see they all have something in common right, they all want to make money, they all want traffic or leads. Now, I don’t know about you but that looks pretty darn targeted to me.

Best Method To Use In A Traffic Exchange

Now, I should let you know this is not the end all best tutorial, it will be a basic outline for you to copy and implement with your own flare.

Each traffic exchange can perform slightly different, but generally the methods I’m going to mention will give you similar results across all exchanges if they have a decent active member base.


This is for manual traffic exchanges only, Auto Surf Traffic Exchanges have another Method and I’ll explain that in another post – Add Link Here!

Also if your already in a niche and or have a website, and it’s not at all related to the niches I mentioned above, don’t worry.

Follow the methods below & make the pages I recommend.

Gain the leads and promote your real business to your organic leads that you have built trust with. Your leads after you have build trust, might care about your real business you love and adore.

This is why people fail with traffic exchanges this one ideal they have, ” I must promote the website I already have”. When realistically they need to funnel everyone to their desired page.

Method 1: The Lead Gen Method

The lead gen method is the best method and only method you should really be using in traffic exchanges, you just don’t have enough time for anyone to read a 4500 word pillar content landing page.

Keep everything super simple and gather leads by offering a HVCO (High Value Content Offer) for joining your list.

I’d offer people free advertising, ebooks about building a list, internet marketing, traffic generation, ways to save time generating traffic, free website scripts and templates, software, reports on all the above etc.. all of which you can buy pretty cheap with resale rights from a number of sites online or make it yourself.

Here’s An Example of My Lead Capture Page (Opens In New Tab)

Once you have built a simple email capture landing page with no more than 300 words on it. You then take the link and add it to traffic exchanges.

Visit the Free Advertising navigation tab on and you will find loads of Traffic exchanges with free sign up bonuses.

Grabbing peoples emails and then taking your time to slowly get to know your list, building trust is the only way to get the maximum return out of a traffic exchange.

Method 2: The Credit & Lead Generator

This method needs you to have a list building landing page. Built and set up like I described in the lead gen method.

However, In this method you create a second simple page, on your domain or free blog like blogger. Now you don’t want this blog/page to be spam so you will grab videos from youtube, memes, pictures, write a few quotes and meaningful thoughts as well, try keep these words niche specific too, this will help for ranking if you want this page to rank. You really want this page to look nice and have people looking around on it, but keep it simple.

Now you join 8 banner exchanges and place their ads on your site 1x ad from each of the 8 banner exchanges.

Here’s 10 Banner Exchanges Join The Ones You Like. There Are Many more a google search away, these ones are super popular though & generate millions of impressions monthly.


Generally a site with minimal content can have 8 banners on 1 page . TE admins tend not to like banner farms so be careful and add content and keep your Exchange banners to 8 maximum.

Now you send all your traffic to this credit generator page and every 1 visit earns you about 8 Credits in the 8 respective Banner exchanges (depending on Exchange Ratio and Unique Vs Repeat View Ratios).

You will need to pop over to a banner maker like and create your self some stunning banner graphics to use in the 8 exchanges. Optionally and I highly recommend, you pay someone to make these banners Cheap Mini Site, does amazing work on all graphics.

With these new banner graphics use your lead gen page as the destination link and add these details to all 8 banner exchanges. Now effectively your turning 1 traffic exchange credit into about 8 banner exchange credits and using the banner exchanges to send you the organic lead gen traffic.

This little traffic trick generates me thousands of leads 🙂

This method does take a lot more effort and can actually cost you some cash for making the banners if you have no skills, however you should invest to make the banners sensational. the banners are the face of your business.

The Tools You Will Need To Win!

There are only a handful of tools your going to need to make all the above come together. I highly recommend the following.

And that is all your going to need to get this simple system set up and ready to go.


I bet you start generating high quality leads if you employ this method in traffic exchanges. No matter how you do it or the tools you use, You need to gather leads, then you market to those leads. don’t market your main business in Traffic exchanges not unless you want it for the traffic metrics a new site needs.

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