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IM Randell Website Gets A Make Over

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Hello again gang, today i just wanted to update you about what’s going on recently here on IMRandell.com.

I’ve recently changed the theme, with this I plan to add more posts about working online, earning money online, how to generate traffic for example. I think I can add some insights to these topics and i hope my 20 years of experience can help someone.

This change came about or well the initial thought came about the other day, when I had to email my lawyer. I’m currently in a custody battle for my son it’s really quite messy and depressing so I’ll not go into that. Anyway I was emailing my lawyer and in my email signature I have my website link. normally i think nothing of it and send it away, but in this case I felt embarrassed to send it to my lawyer.

Lets just say as soon as that feeling and thought popped into my head I knew I had no choice but to change everything and start making things beautiful and have purpose.

Anyway The new theme has been installed and i personally love it, I’d love your feedback do you like the new theme?

With this change i hope to build a more modern professional business, in the past I’ve done everything myself and I think maybe sometimes it’s ok to let others design and code for you for a price lol.

Anyway I hope you like the new changes and here’s to a new look and a fresh new future.

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