IMRandell Support Emails Are Not Being Sent (Fixed)

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G’day everyone, over the last few months possibly for quite sometime you may not have received a reply or even your login info for the support ticket system.

This was due to an error in my settings I had no idea about. Well this was kind of a mistake on my part, one member did report this a long time ago but other members had no issues but now I’m guessing they just left the ticket window open untill I replied and where not replying on the email confirmations and update emails.

this means over 30 people in the last 8 months that have sent a support request into me have never been answered even though I’ve replied to them.

If you have used in the last 8 months and thought I ghosted you I’m so sorry because I’ve replied to every single member in less than 24 hours.

Was only this morning I tried testing the email functions as I’ve got no replies to password resets and questions.

This is very embarrassing and I’m sure very frustrating for you as members.

All I can say is now this issue has been fixed and support emails are now being sent.

I just want to apologize and thank everyone for putting up with this issue for so long wish I looked at this sooner.

for anyone that’s been affected please send me a support ticket, I’ll fix the original issue and then credit your account on the site your facing the issue with some advertising credits.

Again I’m sincerely very sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.

have a great day mates.

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