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Well 2021 is here, and its another excellent start to the year. This year is the year of entrepreneurs and internet marketing. This year is a great year to really have a deep dive into your marketing efforts.

More and more people are entering the world of internet marketing we can thank the previous year for this. More and more people are also being burnt because of shoddy products and hype like claims of instant success.

I feel i need to stand like a beacon of hope for the ones that truly want to be successful online.

So Why Am I Qualified To Talk About This?

Well as some of you know I’ve been doing this since i was 13 having built my first website many years ago. I’ve been burnt many times over the years, so i can see through the BS better than others.

I’ve been pretty successful online, ive made thousands i have lists with over 10k subscribers and about 7 online websites that make me sales daily.

I know what really works and what doesn’t.

So How Can I Help YOU?

Well first of all I’m not going to send you to an affiliate product or course like everyone else. Their is no webinar or list you can join. I’m going to give you everything for free right here on this blog.

I’m going to help you get started, I’m going to support you along the way. You will be successful, if you put in the effort. I’m going to share whats important and whats not. How you can turn your dream into cash and all the other stuff you don’t know you need to know but do.

Why am i going to do this, well because Self branding is way more important long term than sending you to someone else or some affiliate product I make money from.

You see, i’ll make nothing from you and one day you will be successful. Maybe you find yourself in an interview. The question may be asked “so who influenced you in the start”. Well of course your going to say Randell Monaghan cut through the BS and gave it to me straight.

That is payment enough. So you see I’m selfishly going to help you for free, so i can help myself later on. This in its self is a valuable lesson you can apply to your business. Stick with me it’s all going to make more sense soon enough.

So What Should You Be Doing In 2021?

It’s very simple. SELF OR LOGO BRANDING

Nothing else matters, but branding you or your company logo.

Don’t go in for the quick sale. Be helpful and get involved in everything that you enjoy. Talk and create content everywhere online speaking your truth and message is paramount in this business.

Sure you can make a quick buck, but you need something that’s sustainable.

I’m going to show you everything, I’m going to give away the secrets others will charge you big bucks for. I’m going to do all this for free with no hype and BS.

So 2021 Is The Year Of Self Branding Entrepreneurs

Well to be truthful every year is the year of self or logo branding. It’s always been that way. Every 7 figure affiliate has a a list of subscribers they built via self branding. They leave this part out however.

But the truth is building you as your brand is the only thing you should be doing. Once you have built you and your brand as a name people remember. Then anything you choose to do online will be successful.

I don’t expect you to trust me, That’s why I created this self branding blog. I’m not just talking, I’m actually doing and every step I take is documented, I share everything.

So What Can You Do Right Now, Today?

If you have not started yet online, or if you have id stop all of that now. instead go join every social network you can as YOU! OR Your brand.

I’d also go buy a domain name from any domain name register you choose, it doesn’t matter they are all the same. Buy get some hosting and add WordPress.

Talk about your vision and mission and how you plan to impact the world in a positive way. Stand up for what you care about.

This is what you need to right now in 2021.


Stick around for more posts this year is going to be epic.

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