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Welcome To IM Randell. This is the central hub for all my Interneting XD.

For the most part i'll share about my businesses & provide support found Here Clicking This Link: Support Ticket

I Provide a plethora of services & i invite you to Use them to your advantage. A brief look around the site your on will see you find some of my projects.

Advertising Services

I Run and am apart of a very large network of traffic Generating Systems & Sites, and these "Services" in the way they are connected proivide a viral advertising expirence like no other Advertising network.

It's easy to Get started! just join the sites ive linked below. each site will give you a very nice sign up bonus of free advertising.

GPT Mobile Manual Traffic Exchange
Heaps Good Traffic Autosurf Coop
Share My Ads Banner Exchange
Funneled Affiliate Traffic Coop
Auto Viewz Autosurf Traffic Exchange
Your Ad Coop Text Ad Plugwall
Fairdinkum Ads Banner Ad Plugwall
Top Ad Coop - A Forum For Advertisers

Fairdinkum Ads Traffic Exchange - Free Traffic Exchange, Add Your Business Link To Our Directory