Share My Ads Is Getting A Make Over ๐Ÿ˜Ž

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G’day Members, Great news, a brand new banner exchange script Update is coming, Are you ready for this?

It will include a few noticeable improvements mates. (I’m So Pumped)

  • Competitions – Impressions, Unique Impressions, Splash Page Views, New Referrals
  • Login pages With Bonuses Credits – Eg.. Login Spotlight!
  • Promo Codes – now i can create promo codes for random things eg.. Thanksgiving, Father/Mothers day, Christmas.
  • Email Credit Links (WhiteList in your emails)
  • New Security Features this really is for me, but Positively affects you invisibly
  • Point System & Store Ability To Earn Points that are used to pay for credits and upgrades
  • Contests now we can have some fun and win cash and credit prizes

A bunch more features for me to make sure the site is running tiptop. I hope you like the changes ๐Ÿ™‚

With this said though, there will be a requirement to reset passwords after the update happens. The is because a new measure for security has been implemented.

This all should be happening in the next few weeks to a month. so keep an eye on the home page. I’ll add a note saying we have now updated, in big H1 text so you don’t miss it. This will be your sign that it’s time to change passwords. You will probably be prompted to do so on login.

I will email everyone, so please whitelist our email ( or you might miss the updates.

Thanks again everyone for being loyal and great members.
Here’s to your successโ€ฆ

Update: This new script upgrade has been put on hold for a few more months. lots of kinks and bugs need to be fixed.

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