Share My Ads (SMA) Has Had A Script Update!

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G’day mates, I have some great news, had been upgraded to the brand spanking new script i was mentioning in my past post. — “Share My Ads Is Getting A Make Over!“.

With the new upgrade brings many great new features and today i want to explain them and go into detail on whats actually changed for you the member.

I won’t bore you will all the extra security features that were added locking SMA up tighter than Fort Knox and the more refined admin controls that enable me to do my job better – faster.

This post will just cover whats going to affect you as a member, existing and new.

So Whats Actually Changed At Share My Ads?

Existing members Need to reset Password on first login since upgrade.

Affiliates Need To Check Splash Page Links & Banners They Have Changed

Promo Codes Have Been Added Here’s 50% Off “NEWSCRIPT”

Admin emails Will Now Have Special Credit Links In Them Whitelist

Contests have arrived , Cash Credits And Points Awarded To 10 Winners

Points Store and ability to earn points to purchase credits and upgrades

Login Ads Full Page Website Ads When you login, earning you 25 credits. Can Be Purchased!

All Banner Sizes have RAW Image & URL Links instead of just the 468×60 banners

Downline Builder has been updated with 2022’s best Traffic Exchanges and Income Sites!

These new features give members a lot more opportunities to not only promote share my ads for sweet passive income but also earn more credits and get more value out of their memberships.

It’s been a long time coming but im super proud to bring this to you.

I’d like to send a shout out to Traffic Exchange Scripts For developing the script and all the hard work and amazing support they have provided me over the last 2 years.

Honestly the best traffic exchange script and hosting I’ve ever used.

I want to thank all the past present and new members that have helped grow and shape share my ads, without you we couldn’t have made it.

Have a great day and good luck in your advertising friends.

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