Simple Blogging Method That’s Generated 5k leads (With Proof)

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Over the past year and a half i have been conducting a case study with a website I’ve been running and I’m proud to finally show the results.

The domain in Question is

I stated this blog following the principle of answering questions people where asking in google, using only google auto suggest feature, and some simple google searching for competition

I then wrote 30+ articles answering questions these articles where about 1500 words long and where filled with well researched information. No Affiliate links or ads, besides my own banner exchange share my ads

The results are outstanding and the growth is not looking like its going to stop any time soon.

Screenshot Of Just One Mail chimp Account

This site is generating about 250 new leads in the outdoor niche every single day. while I’m not writing this so you so you can copy me. I am saying that this will work in any niche you choose.

If you follow this simple process and wait about 24 months you will start seeing amazing growth. All my leads are coming from organic traffic from google. I’n the last month ive added banners to SMA. Before this the blog was only getting traffic from google.

Whats to take away from this?

Blogging is still working and if your not buying domains and building mini niche sites your leaving so much up for grabs.

I give you this information for free. Because i want you to succeed.

Here’s to your success now get out there and take it.

UPDATE: 5 June 2022

I must have forgotten to pay the hosting on my case study site after about the 2nd year and namecheap deleted all my files without warning. I still own the domain though lol. In the 2 years generated over 25+k real USA leads in the outdoor niche. Here’s a lesson to all, while building a website is amazing and is important you should always build your list at the same time, you see ive now lost 40+ articles and hours & hours of work coding and designing but i still have all my 25k+ subscribers on my email list. I have an opportunity to rebuild or sell my list. if I didn’t bother with gathering leads id have nothing to show for 2 years of work. I stand by the simple blog that answers questions approach it just works.

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