What Are Manual Traffic Exchanges & How Do They Benefit You?

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So what is a manual traffic exchange and how can it benefit you. I’m going to answer that and much more in this article. So keep reading to learn more about the advertising power of a Traffic exchange, how you can harness & leverage it for your website and business.

A manual traffic exchange is a central hub where website owners submit their websites into a database of websites. These websites are rotated based on a credit-based system. The credits are earned by performing small tasks, such as viewing other websites. 1 Credit in most cases equals 1 view of your website.

Here’s The Kicker these sites have the ability for you to earn extra income from home & By the end of this post you’re going to be a seasoned veteran of the traffic exchange world. Equipped with enough skills to get out there and really start making a good go of it.

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How Do You Use A Manual Traffic Exchange?

It’s pretty easy to get started in most traffic exchanges.

  1. Sign up/Register via the exchanges registration form.
  2. Once signed up your next step would be to confirm your email address.
  3. Set up your ads ( URL to your website ) banners, text ads etc..
  4. Login to your account once you have confirmed your email.
  5. Most sites require you to surf a minimum amount of sites to claim your signup bonus or to fully activate your account. So you just hit surf.
  6. In manual exchanges, they have a Timer & set of icons. You need to normally choose the matching icon to continue to the next site once the timer hits zero, This is called surfing & you can do it for as long as you like.
  7. Once done allocate your credits to your website.
  8. Sit back and watch the traffic roll in.

Now when i say traffic it will be people just like you, other website owners and opportunity seekers. I’ll cover why knowing this is important later in this post.

What type of traffic will I Get From a Traffic Exchange?

Generally people that use traffic exchanges are just like you website owners and opportunity seekers.

It’s very important to understand this when choosing the right offer to promote in a traffic exchange.

While Traffic exchanges are great for new websites & can help give a boost to Alexa/Search rank, Past that initial boost your going to need to get more creative if you want to convert your traffic & get the most from your credits.

It’s been proven time and time again that gathering leads from a traffic exchange is a very smart move. and I’ll cover this later in this post.

How To Get The Most Out Of a Manual Traffic Exchange?

You will see a lot of people just putting in a referral link to a site or offer found online and these people are what I consider shooting into the air hoping someone joins, reads, or takes action on whatever they are offering.

This works but it’s not efficient and wastes lots of credits.

No matter what website you want people to visit I highly recommend capturing their email using a lead gen form ( link will go here).

You can do this by offering them an HVCO, aka High Value Content Offer. This could be a free report or ebook. Try offering this HVCO in the niche your trying to get leads in.

For Example…

If your business is selling ice cream Offer people an eBook HVCO of 20 ice cream recipes To Dominate Desert Time.

Once someone signs up send them the HVCO and now you can email them telling them about your website.

This is honestly one of the best ways to promote to traffic exchange members.

However, while surfing traffic exchanges you will see lots of great offers and programs, and joining the ones you like can also help you earn extra cash & credits from your surfing.

Keep your eyes open while viewing the websites in rotation more opportunity than you ever knew was possible.

How Can YOU Earn Money With A Manual Traffic Exchange?

Aside from gathering leads and sending other traffic exchange members to your sites and offers.

Almost all traffic exchanges offer the opportunity for members of the said exchange to earn cash. The % is different at each exchange.

Some exchanges allow you to earn 10 levels deep, but for the simplicity of this article, I’ll just assume we are dealing with direct referrals.

The number one way to earn with traffic exchanges is to refer others to the traffic exchange, when you do this you will not only earn a % of the ad credits the member you referred earned you also get a % if they buy any advertising.

The other ways you can earn is via competitions surf prizes and Viewing ads.

Some Traffic exchanges offer bingo, lotto, and other cool ways to earn even more cash from surfing. There are also other programs, systems, and offers out there that will help you make even more money again from your surfing in manual traffic exchanges such as Rotate 4 All

How Does A Manual Traffic Exchange Benefit You & Why Should You Use One?

Advertising online is a huge business as every business needs some form of advertising. In most cases, paid advertising is very expensive. However, Manual traffic exchanges are a fraction of the cost of Big paid advertising sites like Google Adsense & while both of their pros and cons. When it comes to value for money almost all traffic exchanges come out far in front

So if your a new/old business or just trying to get a feel for working online, you really should be using manual traffic exchanges.

Traffic Exchange Recommendations

To get you started with your adventure of traffic exchange advertising I’m going to suggest you join the 2 sites I’ve listed below.

If you need any more information leave a comment below, or check out our Advertisers forum.

Good Luck

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