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In this post im going to discuss downline builders why they are good and how you can get the most out of them.

The sites i run all have downline builders and in this post i will use them as an example.

What is a Downline Builder?

A downline builder basically lets you earn referrals in a number of programs from one location. Generally you set up the downline builder via your account. When you refer a new member and they use the downline builder, all the fields will be populated with your referral links. Allowing Your referral to join sites under you, essentially building your downline 🙂 once they join these sites they can populate the fields with their details and the cycle begins again when they refer someone.

It’s a simple and powerful system.

Best Way To Use A Downline Builder?

I find the best way to use a downline builder is to join all sites available.

Once you have joined the sites, then fill in your data into the downline builder, (You can do this site by site), Make sure everything is saved and the links are all correct.

To get the most out of the downline builder use the affiliate tools of the downline builder site you choose, to gain referrals. Most downline builders have a selection of integrated splash pages, promotional pages, Text ads and Banner Images for you to use to invite new members.

The more members to get to join the more chances your downline will grow in a number of other programs.

Use traffic exchanges and banner exchanges with your downline builder pages to gain referrals in other exchanges, programs and affiliate offers.

Are Downline Builders Free?

Yes, majority are. The downline builders i run are free. and you can join them right now!

Benefits of Using A Downline Builder?

I think the important take away and the best thing about downline builders is they create multiple streams of income and traffic. You see as you surf and promote a traffic exchange you refer new members these members surf and use the downline builder, this means your earning free credits on the exchange and your in with a chance to earn referrals on other exchanges and also credits on those other exchanges and possibly even affiliate commissions if you refer paying customers.

So the long and short, you send people to one downline builder and you grow your referrals in many exchanges. It’s less spammy then sending people the 50 traffic exchanges you surf, this way you send them one link.


Downline builders are powerful and help you build downlines in many programs from the ease and comfort of one website.

Most traffic exchanges offer downline builders and you would be wise to take the time to use them.

IMRandell Traffic Exchanges & Downline Builders

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