The Marketing Genius of Share My Ads Banner Exchange and the potential grow of your business

Banner advertising has been a tried, tested, and proven advertising solution for many years. However, many businesses struggle to utilize this advertising method effectively due to the high costs associated with it. That’s where Share My Ads comes in as a marketing genius with its free 1:2 banner exchange network.

Share My Ads operates a 1:2 banner exchange network, where members earn one banner advertising credit for every two unique valid banner impressions delivered to the banner exchange network. Members continue to earn banner exchange credits on non-unique views but at a lower rate of one credit for every ten impressions. What makes Share My Ads different from other banner exchanges is that free members can advertise up to five banners per size on the banner exchange network, enabling them to increase brand awareness or promote multiple offers from alternate sources.

Getting started with Share My Ads is effortless. Simply register a free account and add the banner exchange code to your website(s). Every time your website has a visitor, you earn banner exchange network advertising credits. These credits are added directly to your account and can be allocated to your banners at will.

Share My Ads has delivered over 71 million banner impressions to its members, making it a viable Google alternative for businesses looking to increase web exposure and organic traffic. The platform supports banner advertising in four sizes (125×125, 300×250, 468×60 & 728×90), and free accounts can advertise up to five banner ads per size. Additionally, Share My Ads offers promotional material to help you build your downline and participate in in-house contests to win prizes.

Share My Ads also partners with Vid Medley Video Streaming Service for in-video banner advertising, making it a one-stop-shop for businesses looking to explore multiple advertising options.

The platform’s 1:2 banner exchange ratio for unique impressions and 1:10 banner exchange ratio for repeat impressions ensure that members receive a high-quality advertising service that maximizes their investment. Furthermore, Share My Ads offers top-performing members free banner advertising, and every member can earn commissions on account upgrades or banner advertising credit packages purchased by their direct referrals.

In conclusion, Share My Ads is a marketing genius that has revolutionized banner advertising through its free 1:2 banner exchange network. By offering businesses the opportunity to advertise up to five banners per size for free, Share My Ads has become a cost-effective and efficient way for businesses to increase web exposure and organic traffic. With high-quality promotional material, in-house contests, and the opportunity to earn commissions, Share My Ads is a comprehensive solution for businesses looking to explore multiple advertising options.

Author: Rogue
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