Make Your Own PHP Website URL Rotator In Under 10 Lines Of Code!

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In todays post I’m going to share this cool URL rotator I just whipped up a few minutes before posting this article. I know many people use URL rotators but a lot of the time Traffic exchanges my own included place a bar or ads within your rotator.

Well what if I said you could create a frameless bar-less URL rotator with Zero ads. you control and own everything. What if I said you could do it all for free, and in under 10 lines of code.

Well get ready cause here it is 🙂

FREE Frameless URL Rotator PHP Code

In order to make this work please follow this file structure.

You will need to create a folder called “rotator” and a file called “index.php” inside of that folder.

Open and Edit index.php and place the code below inside the file and hit save.

$rotatorAd[1] = '';
$rotatorAd[2] = '';

$adCount = count($rotatorAd);
$randomAdNumber = mt_rand(1, $adCount);
echo "<meta http-equiv=\"refresh\" content=\"0; url=$rotatorAd[$randomAdNumber]\">";

Just like the banner rotator codes I shared in a previous article found here – ( Read Article Here ) You can add more websites by following the number sequence. I hope that’s self explanatory if not please leave a comment.

Now, to see your URL Rotator in action visit your rotator link IE:

Here’s a demo of my own rotator

The URL Rotator uses the http Meta Refresh and redirect code so it will automatically redirect to a random domain instantly. It works similar to Traffic Zipper.


This is possibly the best free and easy to code URL rotator you can use, enjoy.

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