Traffic Exchange Network (TEN) The Holy Grail For Traffic Exchange Admins!

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G’day mates, it’s about that time I add some valuable content on the blog again. and today I want to talk about this great coop for traffic exchange admin owners. While the bulk of this post is for TE owners, Members of TE’s that are connected to TEN will find a few points interesting. May even make some people flock to TEN participating sites, which I’ll include below.

What Is Traffic Exchange Network?

Traffic-Exchange.Network is a traffic coop URL rotator of sorts, made specifically for traffic exchanges. Only the admin of a traffic exchange would get the full benefits out of the service. however, even a savvy advertiser could take advantage of the ad space.

How Does It Work, What Does It Do?

An Admin of a traffic exchange will add a file to their server, provided by TEN. They will also be provided with a special API key They must use.

Once this process has been completed correctly, They will then be able to take their special site-specific Coop URL and promote it in their own exchange.

How this coop is different from other coops, it shows all the sites of a specific exchange, not just sites an exchange admin would add manually. It is Effectively dumping each partner site’s whole site rotation DB into the coop.

The system and coop are just a really simple way for a traffic exchange admin to promote his/her member’s sites in other traffic exchanges without his/her member’s having to join hundreds of extra traffic exchanges.

Credits are earned when a member views the coop just like with any other coop. So the more times you can show the coop in your exchange the better. The surfing is seamless and really just looks like a site in rotation using a URL rotator with a topbar.

however, in the case of a member’s site being shown in the coop. Instead of costing the member a credit from the exchange, it costs the exchange admin a credit on TEN – again these credits are earned for the exchange admin by his member’s activity and the number of times they see the coop.

Manual / Auto Hows that Going To Be Fair?

I had this same question when Paul the creator first mentioned the idea of TEN. However, the coop code is pretty smart and auto exchanges show in all exchanges, manual exchanges only get shown in other manual exchanges.

This has been done this way so manual traffic exchanges get a fair go and don’t have their credits eaten up in a few hours.

How Much Does It Cost To Join?

Traffic Exchange Network is free to join and use forever.

However, there are a plethora of awesome upgrades and credit packages to purchase for added site exposure I am personally on the silver Upgrade, 10k bonus credits 5k banners, and it suits me for the moment.

If you join today Using my link you can get 1000 free credits –

My Thoughts On Traffic Exchange Network

Look all my 5 sites are partnered with TEN and I’ve been using them for just under a year. My members have never complained. TEN is helping my members be shown in far more places with much less effort. Best of all it’s costing them absolutely nothing. That’s Winning.

Top 10 TEN Partners List

Here are my top 10 picks for T-E.N partners I’ll try to gather a complete list eventually. Alternatively, if you would like your site added to this list just leave a comment or contact me.

Side Note: For Members Not Admin Owners

The more T-E.N partner sites you join the more times your ads will get seen, blasting your offer across many many sites for far longer.


Get on this if you own a traffic exchange the benefits are awesome for your members.

Join Here – Traffic Exchange Network

See you in the next post friends.

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  1. Hi there Randell

    I run a TE on and would love to participate in the TEN coop rotator.

    Get back to me at your earliest conveniance.

    kind regards


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