Best YouTube Alternative, VidMedley Has Launched.

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Over the last few months I’ve been working on something extra special. I’ve been searching for a YouTube Alternative for quite some time and nothing has really come close.

So after some deliberation i decided to create it myself.

Having seen where others have failed and where YouTube got it right i decided to Reverse Hack what works and what doesn’t and have it all built into one media sharing platform.

What Makes VidMedley a Good YouTube Alternative?

VidMedley makes the perfect Alternative & companion to YouTube for a number of reasons such as.

  • You can create a channel just like YouTube
  • You can store Media and share it such as video, image, and audio.
  • You can import all your YouTube, Vimeo & soundcloud Videos & Tracks and build a following on ALL platforms. (VidMedley Will Help You Do It!)
  • You can make money from your channel via affiliate marketing, our in house advertising and partner program.
  • You can build a following with likes dislikes, shares, embedding, commenting, private messaging. and subscribers. Plus loads more!
  • You can get all the features you know an love with extras.
  • VidMedley is FREE to use and you can build a content business right from the platform without paying a cent.
  • VidMedley is not over populated right now, so a niche on YouTube you where struggling to break into will be easy to get listed on VidMedley as of time of writing this post there is minimal competition.
  • And a whole lot more.

What Is VidMedley?

VidMedley is a YouTube Alternative and media sharing platform. On VidMedley you can share 3 types of Media, Video, Image and Audio.

A platform for content creators to freely express their creative side.

Unlike YouTube VidMedley allows 3 forms of media. Each of these media forms have their own pages, and trending. This means there are 3 points of entry to your channel. Being a content creator has never been easier.

Can You Make Money From VidMedley?

You most certainly can make money from VidMedley, Much like youtube your allowed to create media that promotes offers business and affiliate products. This i find is where most youtubers make money.

We are also in the process of creating an award winning Partner program. That will allow us to pay content creators a % of the entire site earnings. based on Views, likes, Upload Frequency, Activities and watch time.

Is VidMedley Filled With Ads Like YouTube?

VidMedley does run advertising but unlike YouTube our ads are free. We use our sister program Share my Ads is a banner exchange and while you can buy advertising the main feature with SMA is you can earn advertising credits for free.

This basically turns all advertising site wide into another opportunity for you. Imagine being able to promote your products on YouTube for free, well on vidmedley you can.

I should also add we don’t plaster the site with advertisements we feel we have put just enough in key locations to make it beneficial for members of VidMedley and SMA.

Why Should You Join VidMedley?

There are lots of reasons to join VidMedley,

  • If your tired of ads every few seconds on YouTube.
  • Tired of google tracking your searches then showing you ads on YouTube.
  • Tired Of being Banned from Google Adsense and not being able to be a YouTube partner yet YouTube still shows ads over your content. ( We use our own ads and YES your content is already approved no waiting time!)
  • Want to earn money online
  • Want to be a content creator on a fair unbiased platform that doesn’t use tricky top secret Algos to rank videos.
  • Want a change, want to be a leader & authority in your niche.
  • Want to create content for a platform that will actually promote your videos for free.

And honestly the list goes on.

Is VidMedley Free To Use?

VidMedley is free to use, much like YouTube we allow content creators to upload and host there media free of charge. We even provide free advertising so you can make money from Vidmedley without even adding any content to the site.

VidMedley does have one Paid feature and that’s Premium Hub, Premium hub is not required but it does remove advertising and give you a special badge displayed to other members.

Join VidMedley Today and become our content creator partner.

All i can say is join today. if your tired of google owning everything give an underdog a chance. Together we can change the internet for the better.

Sign up now create your account secure your awesome channel name and become a content creator today.

Sign up today click here!

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