How I Get Higher Quality Leads With Less Zombies!

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G’day here’s how I Get Higher Quality Leads With Less Zombies. it’s really quite simple; I Use This Banner Exchange, Called Share My Ads (SMA).

Here’s Some (SMA) Facts

(SMA) is connected with a site called VidMedley, a media sharing platform giving you in-video banner advertising much like YouTube!

Share My Ads (SMA) banner ad code is also displayed on hundreds of other websites in the Make Money Online, Work From Home, Marketing Niche but also many others..

This is truly the google AdSense of free banner exchange advertising.

I use Share My Ads (SMA) banner exchange because it offers a 2:1 unique – 10:1 Repeat view ratio and because the leads i generate are of better quality because my potential prospects are not incentivized to click.

This means if i get my banner graphics and copy right my leads will already be interested in what i have to offer and they are much warmer and open to accepting what i have to say when they get to my lead capture page.

But you already knew this because your a savvy marketer with his finger on the pulse. What ya waiting for add Share My Ads (SMA) banner exchange to your  marketing toolkit; It Works.

Share My Ads Banner Exchange

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